Daisy Gun Works is a factory recommended repair facility, specializing in repairing out-of-warranty Daisy BB and pellet guns. Our ability to service these guns is made possible by having access to the world’s largest inventory of out-of-production Daisy parts. We also repair Benjamin, Sheridan and Crosman guns when possible.

How much will it cost?
Our prices include parts, labor and return shipping. Prices depend on the model of the gun and, in some cases, whether the gun is marked “Plymouth, Michigan” or “Rogers, Arkansas”. That information is found on the barrel near the rear sight. Customers are asked to include a check or money order with the gun and a phone number in case we need to talk about the repair. Expect to pay more than the standard fee if major parts of the gun are missing or broken.

How long does it take?
Depending on our workload, repaired guns are usually out the door in a matter of days or weeks.  Locating or fabricating a rare part could require more time than that.

Due to unprecedented demand, turn-around time on repairs is longer than normal.  Thank you for your understanding.

What about shipping?
Since BB and pellet guns are not firearms, there are no special shipping requirements. Please be sure your gun is packed securely. UPS, FedEx and Parcel Post are all viable options.

How will my gun shoot?
Your repaired gun should shoot with as much power as it was designed to produce. In some cases, guns shoot with more than their original power.

Model 25 BB Gun


Most repair work requires specialized tools and know-how. For this reason, trying to do a repair yourself may not result in a successful outcome. We do sell parts for some guns with problems that experience shows could be resolved by a person of average ability without special tools.

Some of our parts are new in every respect. Some parts have been in parts bins since production and show some “shop wear” but they are perfectly serviceable. Other parts are from “parts guns” and will vary in appearance, but these are sometimes the only option for repairing a gun.